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happiness | abundance  | manifestation 

The Citrine stone is known as the money stone because it's said to elevate optimism and energy, bringing you plenty of opportunities, prosperity and abidance. Rather than absorbing energy like Black Tourmaline, a Citrine stone clears it, making way for happiness, allowing for positive possibilities. 

It also promotes generosity within  so that all the blessings that come our way can be shared with those who need it! If you're starting a new venture or business, keep a citrine stone at hand since it is considered a "hopeful" or "success" stone. It banishes negative energy and makes for a good partner in mindfulness and meditation.

Since Citrine is the abundance stone, it works overtime in the wealth corner of the home, which is the black left most corner/point of your house or any room. If you have a home office, it would make sense to place a piece of Citrine in the back of that office.