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chakra palm stones

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Keep chakras in balance using chakra palm stones. Keep these for yourself and use them as your own special crystal chakra set or if you’re a practitioner like me, use them during energy healing and reiki sessions for clients.

Place each palm stone on a chakra point and meditate that each stone’s light and energy are interconnected with each of your chakra points, cleansing and activating, brining that into balance.

crystals in each packet:

ᕀ crown chakra: clear quartz

ᕀ 3rd eye chakra: amethyst

ᕀ throat chakra: lapis lazuli

ᕀ heart chakra: aventurine

ᕀ solar plexus: sunstone

ᕀ sacral chakra: tigers eye

ᕀ root chakra: red jasper