What are expectorants?

Expectorant herbs are used to remove or expel congested, excess mucus from the lungs. The quality and condition of the mucus helps to determine which category of expectorants should be used. Yellow mucus indicates heat and cooling herbs should be used. Clear or white mucus indicates coldness and warming herbs should be used.

There are two categories of expectorants, relaxing expectorants and stimulating expectorants.

Relaxing expectorants are used when excessive or stick mucus produces an unproductive cough. They are often demulcent and anti-inflammatory. These herbs are often times cooling.

Stimulating expectorants are used in cases of excessive mucus production and stimulate expectoration. These expectorants are often time warming and spicy and drain the sinuses.

herbal examples:

Relaxing Expectorants:

Stimulating Expectorants: