What are the Demulcents?

Demulcents soothe and protect irritated and inflamed internal tissue by way of mucilage. they become slimy and gummy when they come in contact with water. This physical property has a clear and direct action on the lining of the intestines, where it soothes and reduces irritation by direct contact. However, some demulcents have similar actions far from the site of their absorption into the body, for example, the urinary tract or lungs. Demulcents can

  • Reduce irritation down the whole length of the bowel

  • Lessen the sensitivity of the digestive system to gastric acids and to digestive bitters

  • Help prevent diarrhea secondary to inflammation/irritation

  • Reduce digestive muscle spasms that cause colic

  • Ease coughing by soothing bronchial tension

  • Relax painful spasms in the bladder and urinary system, and sometimes even in the uterus

herbal examples: