three steps to bliss

The following is a meditation that I compiled, using elements of creative visualization.

This is a great way to start your day. Try to devout several minutes to yourself before rising out of bed. All you need is a quiet space and 15 minutes of undisturbed time. Sit in a relaxed upright position, on the floor or in a chair, with your back straight, your hands in your lap, and eyes closed.

get breathing

Begin by simply witnessing your breath, in and out, and gently shift to abdominal breathing, breathe into your tummy so that it expands as you inhale and goes flat as you exhale. As your breathing naturally slows down, have the out-breaths take slightly longer than the in-breaths.

Now count your out-breaths. Count from one to ten and then start again from one. Do so three times round (a total of 30 out-breaths). While you're counting, imagine that you are on the shore of a beautiful ocean and that the waves come in and go out again in the same rhythm of you breathing in and out. Allow your breathing to become one with the ocean and continue to breathe around the world for a few moments.

get grateful

Put a smile on your face and take a few minutes to be in gratitude. The simple fact that you woke up today is cause for thanks and praise. Pay full attention to how immersing yourself in gratitude feels. Visualize a white light emerging from your heart chakra and send these feelings from the top of your Crown chakra all the way down into your body, stopping at the shoulders, the arms, hands, stomach, legs and feet, as well as the organs, etc. Smile and send healing energy to all parts of your body and imagine that they smile back at you.

Allow that sense of gratitude to emerge again and thank every part of your body as you smile at each other,

"Thank you, my eyes! (...) Thank you, my lungs! (...) Thank you, my stomach!" etc.

get rooted

Now focus on the full length of your Central Channel, from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra, breathe in light and energy from your environment and on the out-breath, send a beam of light from the Root Chakra into the heart of Mother Earth like a tree would send its roots down into the ground.

Sense a supportive connection to the Heart of Mother Earth. Now send a beam of light up to the sky and higher realms until your light has spread across the entirety of the Universe like the branches of a tree. Sense the celestial energies enter your Crown and come into your heart. In your heart the earthly and the celestial energies meet and merge. Now spread your arms as if you were reaching out to embrace all beings and share this infinite flow of energy from your heart and your hands with all beings of past, present and future.

Then slowly open your eyes, rest for a few minutes and go about your day.



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