how to build reiki crystal grids

A reiki crystal grid is a powerful manifestation tool, using crystals charged with a certain energy (cosmic new moon energy maybe?) or reiki energy if you’re attuned to it. Crystals charged with Reiki are unique in that they’ll continuously send Reiki to anyone, anything, any event, etc. All you need is a picture or name you place in your grid. The same can work if you have crystals charged to a specific energy.

Today we’re talking about reiki crystal grids in particular. This advanced technique is more effective than the use of a single crystal and can be used to send reiki to many destinations at the same time.

the set up

Follow your inner Self and choose eight crystals that will work best for your grid. Cleanse each crystal by holding it in your hands and feeling its energy. If you have your Reiki II attunement, send each crystal the CKR and SHK symbol. CKR will power your Reiki and the SHK symbol will cleanse and clear out any energy left inside the crystal. When you’ve finished, state your intention that the crystal is set to become part of a powerful crystal grid union.

You will need six crystals for the outer part of the grid, one for the center and one to use as a master crystal. To create the outer part of the grid choose six single terminated crystals. The central crystal of your grid can be single or double terminated, a crystal pyramid, a crystal ball or a crystal cluster. The master crystal needs to be single or double terminated and longer in shape, like a large point or wand. The eight crystals of your grid could all be rock crystals or you could choose a selection of quartz, selenite, calcite, fluorite, etc. Or if you’re working with cosmic or astrological energy, the crystals you choose can have correspondence with that specific energy. If you were working with Moon energy, full or new, you would want to work with quartz crystals, selenite, etc. When working with the energy of Venus, Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline might be your go tos. Need to build a crystal grid to help enhance your motivation or work ethic? Citrine would be perfect in that regard.

Once your crystals are cleansed and set with intention, arrange the outer six crystals in a hexagon shape with the points toward the centre. Place the central crystal in the middle. The master crystal is placed outside the grid, off to one side.

Take a picture of yourself and write a positive open ended affirmation on the back. You can say


"The love and wisdom of Reiki guides empowers me to fulfill my life purpose."

"I am completely healed by divine love and wisdom now.”

Place your affirmations under the central crystal. If you wish, you may add pictures of others, lists of names, maps of areas, and place the central crystal on top of the stack. It may be a good idea to place your grid on a piece of wooden board or strong card so that you can move it around if you need to. I personally love using cutting boards from Ikea, as their hella cheap and there’s a lot of surface to work with.

Keep your grid in a sacred private place. You will need to charge your Reiki crystal grid to keep it empowered. To do this,

hold the master crystal between your hands and draw the Distance symbol over it followed by any other symbol you are guided to use. Then give Reiki to the master crystal for five to ten minutes.

Once the master crystal is charged, use it to draw the Distance symbol over the grid followed by any other symbols you’re guided to use. Point the master crystal at the central crystal and begin moving it out to one of the outer crystals, moving it over to the crystal next to it, then back to the central crystal, then back out to the same outer crystal, then move over to the next outer crystal and in and out and continue directing the energy of the master crystal in and out and around.

You can go around either clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on how you are guided. A clockwise direction absorbs positive energy and when it is rotating in the counterclockwise direction, it’s releasing negative energy. Go around the grid seven times.

Spend time every day, charging and working with your crystal grid. Your own action and continuous work is the glue that keeps your ritual together. While you sit with your Reiki crystal grid, say a continuous series of affirmations or prayers such as "I charge this grid with light, to heal. I charge this grid with Reiki, to heal."

Once your Reiki crystal grid is charged, anyone whose name or picture you place under the central crystal will continuously receive distance healing. You can also place descriptions of your goals (see Empowering your goals with Reiki) and they will be blessed with Reiki.



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