astroherbalogy for the pisces full moon

Within eight hours of each other we have both Mercury, the planet of the mind, stationing retrograde at 11:38 p.m. est on September 9th and a Pisces Full Moon at 5:59a.m. est on September 10th. 

These two cosmic events unfolding back to back generate a strong wave of energy that is likely to feel scattering, chaotic, and confusing. Now is not the time to waste our energy and talents trying to control anything that is out of our domain and quite frankly, none of our business. 

The Pisces Full Moon will be conjunct Neptune and this energy has a tendency to turn everything into mush. Visualize ocean waves thrashing against a boulder. Eventually, there will be wear and tear and it will fall. 

We want to be one with the waves. The lesson at this time is to go with the flow. we need to surrender and just allow things to unfold as they may. Find the ocean's current and just swim with the tide this week. 

What this time is great for is being open and willing to be less goal-focused. Be less focused on trying to get "somewhere" this weekend. It's okay to make plans and figuring out how you want those plans to roll out but its important to not have too much attachment to your expectations. Because this energy is so chaotic, anything may or may not happen, and that includes those goals and plans.

The Full Moon in Pisces meshed with Mercury Rx allows us to open up to new and different ways of thinking and knowing. We cant bully our way into new ideas all the time. sometimes we need to be like, "Stop and think for a sec. How am I going to get there? Where am I trying to go?" Think about your problems from various perspectives. 

journal prompts

In preparation of the full moon in Pisces, you should ask yourself the following questions and try to answer as honestly as possible:

How are you learning to edit or interrogate unhelpful thought patterns? What support do you need in this process?

What books, media, or info can you not stop ingesting? What have you been hungry to learn and which sources or mentors can assist you in this process?

Under this full moon in Pisces, what relationships are you committing to developing using your resources and talents?

flowers + herbs for the full moon

basil, jasmine, licorice, marjoram, mint, motherwort, mugwort, nutmeg, poppy blossoms, sage, willow 

crystals + gemstones

amethyst, emerald, lapis lazuli, moonstone, pearls, quartz crystal, sapphire, selenite, sunstone, tigers eye, topaz

foods for your altar

cloves, figs, grapes, melon, olives, pears, pomegranates, poppy seeds

symbols + items 

When working with the moon, symbols and items that evoke care, mothers, caregivers, babies and children are used at the altar. Use seashells, pearls, bowls of water and crystal balls.  For Jupiter, use symbols and items from wisdom traditions that are meaningful to you. These symbols should evoke faith, generosity or any spiritual energy that resonates with you. 

Carve the Moon and Jupiter symbols into your candle to evoke their energy. 

The Pisces Full Moon is also a powerful time for ritual work. Here is a magical Ritual to guide you.



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