Astroherbology: Cancer Full Moon

Happy first full moon of the year! And it's the perfect one to help us nurture and parent the parts of ourselves we've been neglecting. At 6:08pm EST, with a nice aspect with Uranus, this full moon in Cancer will help us to define what radical self-care means for us. Cancer is often portrayed as being soft and super sensitive, but there's this beautiful fierceness to it.

We have Mars and Mercury in retrograde and this presents challenges for us where we feel stuck and feel like everything around us is taking a turn for the worst. 

Use the next few days to really love up on yourself. Do your rituals, take cleansing, healing baths, spend time with the ones that make you happiest. Defining what self-care is for you is vital at this time. 

Keep reading for journal prompts, herbs, crystals and more that you can use to tap into the cancer energy of this full moon. 


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journal prompts

  1. How have your work and health routines nourished you over the past 6 months? What have you learned about your own ability to give and receive care?
  2. What clarity do you need around healing, alone time, and rest. What questions could you ask -- to yourself and the universe -- to welcome this clarity?
  3. What words and gestures from others help you feel loved? How can you begin to generate that validation within yourself?

flowers + herbs for the full moon

Herbs: mugwort, motherwort, chickweed and/or any herbs that grow in shady, dark, cool places or help with elimination in the body. 

Flowers: iris, lilies, jasmine, willow, lotus, white roses

Fruits and Vegetables: brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, mushroom, grapes, cantaloupe, poppy seeds


crystals + gemstones

silver, pearls, selenite, lemurian quartz, clear quartz, moonstone, and/or any white or luminous crystal


symbols + items 

Deities:  Selene, Nuit, Artemis, Sin, Inannur and Khonsu

When working with the moon, symbols and items that evoke care, mothers, caregivers, babies and children are used at the altar. Use mirrors, seashells, pearls, bowls of water and/or milk and crystal balls.  

Carve the Moon and Cancer symbols into your candles to evoke their energy. 



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