anahata: the heart chakra



The heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra in the body and is located in the center of the chest. Represented by the air element, this energy center can be viewed as the integration point between the upper and lower chakras, unifying the physical life with the realms of the spirit. It is the source of our most profound truths, the center of our love, warmth and healing. It allows us to recognize the interconnectedness of all things and teaches us to live from a place of kindness and compassion.

In Sanskrit, Anahata means 'unhurt' and is most often represented by the color green, symbolizing health, generosity and forgiveness. When talking about self-love, sometimes a soft pink is also used, particularly in relation to crystals and gemstones.

The heart chakra governs our relationships, relating to our deep connections to others, ourselves and the universe. When this energy center is balanced, you are naturally able to create an environment of support and empathy. Others will feel connected to your energy, drawn in by the love and acceptance you provide. When this energy is flowing freely, you are not only able to nurture your relationships with others, but also with yourself. Self-love is one of the great gifts of the heart chakra. By learning to accept and nurture yourself, you are better able to feel warm and compassionate towards others.

Your relationships are a strong reflection of the health of your heart chakra. If you feel that your relationships are weak or shallow, it can indicate that this energy center needs healing. When we lose sight of love, compassion and empathy, our relationships suffer, disconnecting us from the people we cherish and the world around us. When the heart chakra is unbalanced, you may lack empathy and find it difficult to develop strong emotional bonds. By strengthening this energy center, you will begin to feel a deeper connection to the world around you and discover a greater appreciation of the planet and all beings.

Forgiveness is the key to activating the fourth energy center. We carry stress and pain within our heart chakra, and it is easy to fall into a pattern of resentment, particularly when we feel unseen or unheard. When you work on your heart chakra, it becomes easier to move forward in your relationships. Forgiving those who have wronged you in the past is perhaps one of the most effective strategies for bringing this energy center back into balance.

diagnosing the heart chakra

The element of the Heart Chakra is air, the least dense of our physical elements. As an element, air is commonly associated with knowledge and things that are expansive and spirited. Air represents freedom, openness and freshness. It represents lightness, simplicity and softness. When we fall in love, we feel like we are walking on a cloud. Air implies spaciousness, which is achieved through letting go.

The heart chakra requires an understanding and practice of balance between mind and body, inner and outer realms, self and other, giving and receiving. Opening the heart requires a transcendence of ego, allowing us to surrender to forces larger than the self. Lastly, opening the heart chakra requires an understanding and control of the breath, for it is the tool of physical and mental transformation.


healing the heart chakra

FOOD & HERBS: Green Apples, Spinach, Kale, Chard, Green, Peppers, Avocados, Broccoli, Lettuce, Cabbage, Peas, Leeks, Zucchini, Celery, Grapes, Kiwi, Mullien, Rose, Rosehips, Eucalyptus

ESSENTIAL OILS: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Vetiver, Pine, Rosewood, Rose

CRYSTALS: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodochrosite, Emerald, Green Tourmaline

affirmations for the heart chakra

I love myself fully, and unconditionally

I am worthy of the purest love

I love others fully and unconditionally

I direct love and light towards myself

I live in harmony with all other beings

I forgive myself for my mistakes and I grow from them

I am a being of compassion

I share this love to everyone

I live in balance, with grace and gratitude

I release all fears, concerns and worries about giving & receiving love

I know forgiveness

I am one

crystal grid for heart connection

Use this crystal grid when in need of focusing intention on healing your unprocessed emotions. Heart chakra stones are great for their nurturing energy, which is necessary when dealing with matters of love and connection. Try this when you feel closed off or just need help connecting emotionally.



  • altar or table

  • sage and dish to catch ashes

  • 1 Rose Quartz

  • 4 Green Aventurine

  • 4 Rhodochrosite (alternative: rose quartz)

  • 8 Clear Quartz



  1. Decide on a flat surface to keep your grid; this should be on a table or shelf that you can revisit, but won't be in the way of your everyday life.

  2. Cleanse the crystals and your space.

  3. Set your intention for the grid, giving the crystals a specific purpose - look at affirmations for inspiration.

  4. Begin creating your grid, starting with the main centre crystal; in this case, rose quartz.

  5. Add the four green aventurine stones, placing one on each side of the rose quartz.

  6. Place your four rhodochrosite crystals (or smaller rose quartz) in between the green aventurine.

  7. Now place each clear quartz crystal around the outside of the other stones to form a symmetrical pattern. Although it is not typically associated with the heart chakra, clear quartz acts as an energy amplifier for the other stones.

  8. Complete the process by focusing your energy on your intention for a minute or two. Visualize yourself feeling loved, open-hearted and connected to the world around you.

  9. Leave your grid in place for as long as you like, remembering to cleanse it occasionally and to refocus your intention.



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